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international schools in the algarve

International Schools in the Algarve: Your Options

Private education has always been the pinnacle of education for students worldwide. From smaller classes, advanced ways of teaching, and often the best teachers, more parents are seeking out private education facilities for their children. This reigns true for families that have moved to the Algarve from all over the world. 
The Algarve has grown substantially in the last ten years, and now you have a range of private schools to choose from. You can now find top international schools spread across the Algarve.  Are you looking for the best international school to send your children to? Read below for the top international schools to enroll your children in today!

International School Vs Public School

Did you recently move to the Algarve and are not sure what the differences are between international schools and public schools? Well, public schools in Portugal are, of course, taught in Portuguese, and this might be fine if your child is still young, but if you have a teenager, then it will be difficult for them to learn a new language and do schooling at the same time. This is why many parents choose an international school in the first place.
The majority of Portuguese public schools are very good, and you might be surprised at how good they can be if you decide on going that route rather than an international school. Should you want your child to do a British or international curriculum, then you will have no choice but to attend an international school.
  • Nobel Algarve British International School
The first school on our list is a very well-known private education facility that has opened schools all around the world. The first international school in the Algarve, Nobel opened way back in 1972 in Lagoa and has since opened a new facility in Almancil in 2020, right in the heart of the Golden triangle.
Children can join the school as young as 3 years old and can go all the way to high school and finish school. The school also has a national section that follows the official Portuguese ministry of education program, and speaking Portuguese is promoted among the students. If you want your children to become fluent in Portuguese while following an English-based curriculum, Nobel is an excellent choice.
  • Vilamoura International School
Another one of the old guards when it comes to international schools. Vilamoura International School was founded in 1984 and sits right in the middle of Vilamoura, which is one of the most sought-after areas in the Algarve. The school has about 40 different nationalities that attend the school and has always been one of the benchmarks in international schooling in Portugal. 

The school has all age groups from pre-school to the last year of high school.
The school not only services the Vilamoura area, but students come from Albufeira and beyond to attend the school. Apart from the curriculum, students can enjoy a whole host of afterschool activities such as Yoga, music, dancing, ballet, tennis, football, and karate. 

During the summer holidays, if you are still working and go no place for your children to go, the school organizes a summer holiday camp, where students take part in a whole host of out-of-school programs like foreign languages and art. The school is well-known, so if you do intend on sending your children, there is a waiting list, and it's best to enroll far in advance.
  • Algarve International School
A fairly new school located in the affluent area of Vale De Lobo in the heart of the Golden Triangle, Algarve International School will be heading into its 3rd year as a fully operational school, and it has gained ground over all the other international schools. Algarve International School provides all its learner's access to gain their GSCEs and A-levels.
The school now has a pool for students to enjoy as well as the padel courts and tennis court which are adjacent to the school. The great location of the school has made sure that it has navigated the Covid waters quite well and is now a very popular choice for the families that call Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago home. 
Apart from the location and facilities, the school has small classes with well-qualified teachers that allows your children to get more one-on-one learning experience. Spots will be filling up for the new school year starting in March, so if you want your children to attend any of the schools mentioned, you will have to get started on enrollment right away, as spots are limited. This English-speaking school in Algarve doesn’t only do English, though, and boasts the ability to school in Portuguese too! 
  • Epheus International School
Epheus international school is another good choice of international schooling in the Algarve. Classes tend to be small in the school, with no more than 10 students per class. Ephesus makes use of the famous Cambridge school curriculum, which is recognized throughout the world. 
Apart from the curriculum, students can enjoy a host of afterschool activities in the sports hall or other out-of-school activities, which are provided by the school sometimes free of charge. Ephesus makes use of the latest technology and is an Apple school in which each student has their own iPad to do homework and actively learn with the teacher. Apart from the core subjects of English, science, and mathematics, students have a choice of digital literacy, Portuguese, geography, music, art, technology, and physical education.
Other International Schools throughout the Algarve 
International schools in the Algarve are not just limited to the central area or the Gold Triangle, as some people like to call it. If you’re willing to use the public transport system or do a little extra time in the car, then here are some of the other options: 
  • Netherlands Onderwijs Algarve 
  • Educan, Algarve 
  • Barlavento International Primary School 
  • Colegio Santiago Internacional 
  • Eden Montessori 
  • Aljezur International School 


Enroll in An International School today

When it comes to selecting an international school in the Algarve, you are spoiled for choice. With so many brilliant schools scattered all over the Algarve, families will have peace of mind that their children will get the best education possible. 
Go visit the schools in person or scroll around their websites and choose the right school that fits all your needs. Remember to get it done quickly, as there will be a waiting list, and you don’t want to miss out. It’s best to start this process as early as possible when you decide to make the move to Algarve.
For a stress-free home-buying process, contact Mapro so that you can rest at ease while you do the school work!