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relocating to the algarve

Advice for Long Distance Moves to the Algarve

Moving anywhere in the world can be a challenge for even the most resilient of families. Moving to Portugal will be just as challenging depending on where you’re coming from and how different the two places are.
Are you and your family looking to relocate to Portugal, specifically the Algarve area? Not sure what is the best way to go about it? Look no further, follow these simple guidelines below, and make the move with ease!


What To Know About The Algarve

The Algarve offers a leisure lifestyle second-to-none, there are places for everybody from tennis enthusiasts to avid golfers. Did you know that the Algarve has 31 golf courses?
If you go inland from the beaches, West Algarve, East Algarve, or Central Algarve, you will find quaint towns where the prices of eating out are reasonable, beer is cheaper, and you will find different excursions to do as a family like 4x4 tours, many hikes for different skill levels, or even a zipline into Spain.
Houses are also more affordable in these parts and are far away from the hustle and bustle of the coastal towns. Depending on your budget and what sort of lifestyle you are after, this could be for you and might be an option you can consider.
These towns are quieter and things happen at their own pace, if this is the sort of life that you want to lead then go for it but if you need more excitement and prefer busier places then nearer to the coast is where you will need to be.
Living away from these beach towns doesn't mean that they are inaccessible and can't be visited regularly, such is the Algarve lifestyle that even if you live 20 or 30 minutes away from the coast, it is always an easy drive away from a beach day as there is no traffic and the main roads are very good, getting you where you need to go, within a good time frame.

Long Distance Moving Tips For Moving To Portugal

When you decide to finally move to the Algarve know that there are quite a few reputable moving companies that can help uproot your home and move it from anywhere in Europe. Having a company do this for you will take a lot of stress of the move away from you and your family.
A few things you should consider is whether the agreement with the transport company includes packaging of your belongings or not. If you are packing your belongings yourself, a tip to make things easier is when packing your boxes make sure you put related items into boxes together that are clearly labeled. Should you have glass items or any other valuable items, wrap them in bubble wrap so nothing gets broken or cracked on the journey over.
In the Algarve, you aren't short of furniture options, you will find many boutique furniture places as well bulk furniture places that deliver the furniture for you. IKEA and Conforama are more affordable options that even offer assembly options should you need assistance.
Since many of the older Portuguese homes have smaller doors than you would be used to, it's important to measure beforehand to see what will fit and what will not. Many people have bought bespoke pieces of furniture, only to realise that they can’t enter the home and had to be returned, particularly if they aren’t able to be dismantled. If you are going for IKEA furniture this won't be a problem, it all comes conveniently boxed up and can be built inside each room. If you were to sell that house, the furniture can be disassembled again and removed quite easily. Remember to keep all the instructions as it can get tricky and confusing.
Once you have decided on the move, perhaps it would be a good idea to look for the perfect property, one that suits your family needs. Take a look at our property portfolio which includes a wide range of apartments, villas and plots in the central Algarve.

Moving Pets To The Algarve

Moving your beloved pets over to the Algarve is once again not so complicated as you would think. Depending on where you are moving from, your pets will need a pet passport as well as their vaccination card. Moving pets throughout Europe is a simple process and there are many companies who can help. If your pet is small enough it can even come with you on the same flight and a seat on the plane next to you can be purchased.
Since Brexit, the rules have changed to bring pets over and it is advisable to check beforehand what documentation is required. Your local vet can provide you with the details or you can visit this website to check the latest requirements so you don't have any problems when you are trying to enter the country.


Portugal Has Everything You’ll Ever Need

Moving to Portugal is one of the smartest ideas you could ever have. With so many different environments and cities, it is a country that has everything you need. The Algarve is a desirable location for many ex-pat families and for good reason.
Are you looking at taking the next step and moving to Portugal or the Algarve? Need advice on where to live or what to buy? Get in touch with us today and we can help with your property search.