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The Basics of Home maintenance

We completely understand! You don't want to spend your holidays or extra money on home maintenance. However, aside from the time commitment, some people are simply more fortunate to have DIY abilities – or helpful partners.
However, as with dental and automobile care, preventative maintenance for your home can save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run.
Whether you take care of these chores yourself or hire a handyman service, it makes sense to take good care of your primary investment, which is your home.
Here's a brief list of simple house repairs that can save you money in the long run.

House Maintenance Checklist

Some of these maintenance tips may seem a bit tedious and time-consuming. But as they say in the classics, ‘small steps lead to more incredible things’.

1. Clean Your Gutters

There's a reason why gutter cleaning is near the top of most homeowner's to-do lists. But, unfortunately, ignoring this simple task can set off a chain reaction of problems that could cost up to thousands of euros in repairs!
Clogged gutters can prevent water from flushing off your roof. This pooling of water can cause roof damage and leaks, which can lead to:
●      Ceiling damage          
●      Wall damage  
●      Mould problems         
●      Foundation issues
Gutter cleaning should be done at a minimum twice a year in the Spring and Autumn. It's also good to inspect them after heavy rainfall to ensure they're clear. If you don't have the time or desire to climb ladders, get dirty, and do the job yourself, you can quickly call a handyman cleaning service.

2. Roof Maintenance

If you clean your gutters regularly, you've already taken the first step toward preventing roof damage. However, because the cost of replacing a roof is expensive, you need to do all you can to extend its life.
Here's a quick checklist to keep your roof in good shape:
●      Maintain the cleanliness of your gutters
●      Visually inspect your roof for damaged or missing tiles, debris and signs of fungus, moss or algae
●      Keep trees trimmed — nothing should come into contact with your roof
●      Replace any damaged or missing tiles as soon as possible
●      Have your roof inspected regularly
●      Make sure your chimneys, skylights and joints are sealed

3. Keep Your Drains From Becoming Clogged

Blocked drains can be a nuisance for homeowners, not because they're challenging to resolve but because they're messy and a job few enjoy doing. A simple solution, such as baking soda and vinegar, is sometimes the best way to unclog a drain and may be more useful than a plunger or hot water.
If the blockage is stubborn, you may need to seek professional assistance, but there are many steps you can take to avoid such problems. For example, make sure to empty the dishwasher's drainage bin regularly. If you don't clean it regularly, bits of food and debris can accumulate and possibly make their way down your drain.

4. Keep Your Trees Trimmed

Do not wait until a strong storm to have your trees trimmed. Dead branches on trees can pose significant dangers to property and personal safety. Keeping your garden and surrounding trees clean avoids accidents with children or your pets. Safe-proofing your home for pets and children is an essential part of maintaining a property. Regular pruning and trimming will also help to keep your trees healthy. So there you go, two birds with one stone!
If your property has big trees, it's recommended that you hire a professional tree trimming service.

5. Attend to Those Annoying Noises

How many times have you stepped on a floorboard and heard squeak... squeak! Or, waking your partner on a late-night bathroom trip with that same noise? What about squeaky door hinges; do they make an annoying noise when you open a door?
These aren't the kinds of jobs you'd call in a carpenter for, but they are problems you'll want to address before they worsen. A squeaky hinge or a loose floorboard could be symptoms of a more significant issue. When it comes to doors, a quick drop of WD-40 should help.
Gaps around doors and windows in your home are not conducive to comfortable living. They're not as obvious, but they allow for the loss of the valuable cold air you're paying for and, more markedly, the heat in the winter. So if you feel a cold draft when walking past the front door, you most likely have a gap that needs to be filled with weather stripping.

6. Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced Regularly

To avoid expensive breakdowns amid a scorching heatwave or a bitterly cold spell, it's advised to keep your air conditioner maintained.
Annual or twice-yearly HVAC system maintenance can help reduce electricity costs and lengthen equipment life. Taking this advice will keep your family comfortable and avoid paying top euros for emergency repairs.

Prevention Is the Best Cure!

Whether you're a first-time homeowner or simply catching up on home tasks, we hope this checklist inspires you to tackle these home maintenance tasks.
It may not be as much fun, but prevention is far preferable to facing the consequences of letting the situation go. Furthermore, the better you care for your home, the more you'll be able to enjoy it! Also, when the time comes to sell, a higher price can be obtained.