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Tips to feel like a local in the algarve

Tips to feel like a local in the Algarve

Ever wondered what it’s like to truly immerse yourself in authentic Portuguese culture? The Algarve is not just a holiday destination but a region full of traditions and breathtaking landscapes. With over four million visitors each year, it offers more than just picturesque beaches and sunny weather.

But how do you experience the real Algarve like a local?

This article delves into the heart of local living, revealing things to do in Algarve, cultural practices and the lifestyle of a true Algarve resident. By exploring local markets, engaging with the community and savoring the regional cuisine, you can uncover the true essence of Portugal's southern region.



Eating breakfast like a true Algarve Resident

The Portuguese enjoy a slower pace lifestyle, taking advantage of their free time to enjoy the nature, the sun, and spend quality time with their family and friends.

On sunny mornings it's common to see locals sitting on terraces, enjoying their coffee. This is a great opportunity to interact with the locals and learn more about the culture and customs.
Speaking about mornings, breakfast is a very important meal for the Portuguese. The most popular options are "Torrada e Galão" - toasted bread with butter and a long coffee with milk, or "Pastel de Nata e Café" - one of the most famous and loved typical Portuguese pastry, and an espresso.
Don't try to rush this moment, take the opportunity to sit on a terrace, enjoy the sun and calmly eat your Portuguese breakfast.

Buy your groceries on local markets

Algarve residents like to visit the local markets to buy fresh fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables for their meals. This is also the perfect opportunity to feel like a local in the region and get to know some of the main ingredients of Algarve's cuisine. Don't be afraid to ask people for their suggestions and ideas for your Portuguese meal.
You will find local markets in almost every Algarve town, but some of the most popular and worth visiting are the Loulé and Olhão markets.


Lunch with a sea view

What a better way to enjoy a sunny day than going out to lunch with your family on one of Algarve beaches and take advantage of a sea view location?
The Algarve is famous for its gastronomy, rich in fresh fish and seafood. Make sure you try some typical dishes such as “Cataplana de Marisco”, “Polvo à Lagareiro”, or “Arroz de Lingueirão”.
Some suggestions for restaurants with sea views are “Restaurante 2 Passos” in Praia do Ancão, “António Tá Certo” in Almancil and “Gigi's” in Quinta do Lago.


Taking coastal trails 

Algarve residents know how to make the most out of the warm weather and exceptional landscapes.
One of their favourite activities is hiking and there’s actually several trails along the Algarve coast worth taking. Some of the particularly loved by locals are the "Percurso dos Sete Vales Suspensos" in Carvoeiro, or the "Percursos do Ludo" in Faro.


Learn some Portuguese

To truly live like a local in the Algarve, it's important to learn the Portuguese language. Although many locals speak English, especially in more touristy areas, making the effort to learn a few words and expressions in Portuguese will make you feel more integrated into the community and open doors to new friendships.
Don't be afraid to ask them how to translate some words into Portuguese, they will happily help you and appreciate the effort you put into learning their language.
In general, Portuguese people value time with family and friends. It's very common to find groups of friends enjoying a drink in the late afternoon, or families dinning together while sharing their day-to-day adventures. Algarve residents usually have dinner around 8pm. If you want to have the experience of dining in a restaurant full of locals, we recommend booking around that time as well.
Portugal has become home to more and more people around the world. Due to its warm climate, high number of sunny days and proximity to the sea, the Algarve is increasingly the region of choice to live in. Those who embrace the Algarvian lifestyle, describe it as a stress free way of living and experience an increase in their quality of life.  
Living Algarve like a local will make you happier.