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Cost of Living in Quinta do Lago Resort, Algarve.

In this Mapro Masterclass we go over the cost of living in the central Algarve using Quinta do Lago as a benchmark resort.

When investing in a new lifestyle we should take into consideration the cost of living. Making a change for our families to blue skies and sunshine can also make good financial sense.

In Quinta do Lago, a long term rental for a 5 bedroom villa can start around €10.000 per month plus utilities. The cost of buying such a villa, starts around €5M

Purchase tax for a property over €1M is 7.5% of the deed value. The running cost of such a villa is around €40.000 per year.

International schools start around €3000 per term.

Medical insurance can start around €850 per year.

A health club membership at The Campus starts around €200 per month.

A cup of coffee starts around €2.

Watching the sunset over the ocean is completely free!

Always remember that a better quality of life is priceless.

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