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5 Design Tips when Planning your New Home

Spend time carefully thinking about how you want your space to work for you. Too many people rush in and start choosing furniture without asking themselves this first. Above all else good design needs to be compatible with your needs and the best use of the space you have available. Think how spaces link, where the foot traffic will be. Layout is key and has a knock on effect with so many other decisions like power points and lighting schemes.
Think about what you really need, consider storage needs, functionality of materials and the end users. Great design needs to look good whilst being lived in, not just for a staged photoshoot, Instagram or Pinterest. Also consider proportions. Big spaces need big pieces of furniture and often only a bespoke option will work. Filling a big space with too many small pieces of furniture will look cluttered and messy.
Every space needs balance, balance proportions, colors, textures and shapes. Mirror colors in other pieces in the same space to achieve this. It only needs to be subtle but it’s a key design tip and makes a room look considerately put together. Balancing proportions means pieces sit well together rather than conflicting. There is nothing worse than an oversized lamp on a small bedside table or visa-versa.



Remove all clutter and personal items, family photos need to be put away. Allow potential buyers to imagine your home as their own, not living in someone else’s old home. The less personal items there are, the easier this is to do.


Sell the lifestyle not just the home, highlight outdoor spaces, places to relax with a book, areas to entertain.

Details really matter. Add scented candles, diffusers, fresh flowers (faux work too), make beds up with crisp white sheets and hang fluffy white towels in bathrooms. It's worth spending a little bit here if you can. Think spa hotel luxury vibes, the half empty shampoo and shower gel can be put away! Turn on lamps for a soft calm ambience.

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