purchasing costs

calculating purchasing costs

To ensure you are aware of the likely costs involved, we have divided the costings into two categories: Professional services and local transaction taxes. 


This will usually include a lawyer, a surveyor and maybe even a specialised tax consultant or wealth management consultant. Lawyers’ fees are generally around 1% of the agreed property purchase price, however this arrangement takes place between the buyer and the appointed lawyer. A surveyor´s fee will depend on the size and type of property to survey and the detailed extension of the survey to be carried out. However generally a typical survey will cost between €400 and €700. A wealth management consultant will depend on the level of wealth managed.

Local Transaction Taxes


Property Transfer Tax. This tax is levied on the purchaser immediately prior to the signing of the final public deed with a scales from 2% to 8% on properties bought for less than 550.836€, which is offset by a fixed deductible value. Properties priced over 550.836€ are subject to a flat rate of 6% for a secondary property. Urban Building plots are subject to a rate of 6.5%. Rustic plots are subject to a rate of 5%. However in the event that a property is bought for less than the rateable value the IMT will be taxed on the higher value (i.e. the rateable value). Please click on this link to view the IMT table.


Paid by the purchaser and levied on the deed at a rate of 0.8% of the deed value.


195,59€ for a purchase above 200.000€


Municipal Property Tax. IMI is an annual property tax levied on all properties in April, June and September (payment is made in arears). IMI rates vary from council to council and property to property, calculated with an index on year of build, construction area, location and amenities – between 0.2% and 0.5%, for properties which have received the recent re-evaluation process and a maximum of 0.8% for all others.

Within the Loule Council, this rate is currently at 0.3% of the rateable value. Some exemptions to paying this tax for a certain timescale can apply to purchasers if the property is bought as a primary residence. The IMI is calculated on the rateable value of that property attributed by the tax authorities, the using the coefficients on the formula VPT = VC x A x Ca x Cl x Cq x Cv

VPT = Rateable value
VC = Value of the build per square meter fixed by the authorities
A = Gross build area
Ca = Registered use of the property, for example commercial or residential
Cl = Location of the property whose coefficient is fixed every three years by the municipality and can vary between 0,4 to 3,5
Cq = Quality and comfort indicators that increase or decrease the value, taking into consideration the number of floors a property has, a swimming pool on the property and even the existence of an elevator.
Cv = Determines the age of the property, the more recent the build the higher the coefficient.


Newly introduced, the AIMI is an additional municipal tax levied on residential property and plots for construction. An applicable rate of 0.7% is levied on the VPT which is greater than 600.000€ but less than 1.000.000€. In the event that the rateable value exceeds 1.000.000€ then the tax level applied will increase to 1%. The tax level will only apply to the excess levels.

For example:

 An individual owning a property with a rateable value of 550.000€ will be exempt of the AIMI, and only the standard IMI of 0.3% on the VPT will be applied.
An individual owning a property with a rateable value of 850.000€ will be charged as follows:  850.000 – 600.000€ = 250.000€ x 0.7% = 1.750€ AIMI + (600.000€ x 0.3% = 1.800€ IMI) AIMI + IMI = 3.550€ total tax payable.
An individual owning a property with a rateable value of 1.100.000€ will be charged as follows: 1.100.000 – 600.000€ = 500.000€ x 0.7% = 3.500€ AIMI + (600.000 x 0.3% = 1.800€ IMI)  AIMI + IMI = 5.300€ total tax payable.
An individual owning more than one property, whose rateable values combined exceed 600.000€ will be taxed based on the same principal as above.

Property owned in white listed company structures will be taxed 0.4% on the total rateable value.

Property owned by a company registered in a black listed territory will be taxed at 7.5% on both IMI and AIMI values.